About Us

Landscape Architecture & design professionals

Mei Loci has a clear vision – to create the most beautiful and sustainable places which blend a unique sense of place with a thorough knowledge of the principles and practices of landscape architecture today. Creating Places for People. 

Mei Loci continues to grow and expand its services and consists of a highly skilled team of Landscape Architects, Horticulture and Design Professionals. We collaborate with a diversity of project partners and professionals to deliver complete solutions from planning and concept to the highest quality completion ‘on-the-ground’.

Our portfolio demonstrates our wide-ranging experience, and work on projects from large-scale restoration and conservation; to urban regeneration and public realm projects across the UK, as well as internationally in the Netherlands, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

Our specialism lies in a community-led, local co-design process, designing with people for people, across a multitude of settings from town-centres, parks and gardens and education & recreation settings, to environmental regeneration and health and wellbeing;

Thorough research and analysis underpin all aspects of our work, forming an intrinsic understanding of the site and landscape, culture and heritage. From geology & soil-science to botany, arts and culture, we tell stories of people and cultures through landscape. We are involved in every aspect of design, from the creative and collaborative design process, landscape and visual impact assessments; to master planning and detailed design for all aspects of the built environment.

We are an international company, our work extends across the UK, to locations as diverse as Holland, Australia and the Middle East.

We are really passionate about design and believe in creating beautiful, sustainable landscapes, which engage and inspire and create vibrant places for the people that use and enjoy them. 


COVID19: We acknowledge that the next few months may be challenging for all. We have put in place measures to allow flexibility for all of our team to work both in the office and remotely, allowing us to adapt to the changing situation. We wish all our clients and colleagues the very best.