Meiloci to unlock the secrets of Chatham's past in the 'Command of the Heights Project' Fort Amherst

Meiloci to unlock the secrets of Chatham's past in the 'Command of the Heights Project' Fort Amherst banner image

We are very excited to be working again with Fort Amherst Heritage Trust and Medway Council on the second stage of the 'Command of the Heights' regeneration of Fort Amherst in Chatham, which is now underway following a successful HLF funding bid for £1.8million. 

Meiloci’s role will be to deliver a new public realm at Barrier Ditch on Chatham's waterfront; oversee the re-opening of the Barrier Bridge and road entrance to the Fort; and the restoration of the Spur Battery - the highest part of Chatham within Fort Amherst, which will be transformed into an amphitheatre with seating to allow for events and performance, as well as site wide improvements, interpretation and way-finding.  

This ambitious project will include the careful demolition of Riverside One building, which sits within the walls of the historically important Barrier Ditch. The Ditch was built during the Seven Years War (1754-1763) and it ran from where Riverside One currently stands and across into Fort Amherst. It was a critical part of the defences - an un-scalable ditch and embankment which dramatically divided the military and civilian areas of Chatham. During the restoration process, it is expected that cannons and other military artefacts will be discovered beneath the surface.

Stuart McLeod, Head of HLF South East, said: “Thanks to National Lottery players, this exciting new project will restore Fort Amherst, reconnect it with the waterfront, and help join the dots for locals and visitors alike on the unique story of Chatham’s significant military heritage.”

MeiLoci will be leading the public realm and landscape design, working with PDPGreen, Wessex Archaeology, Bryn Jones, Courtney Consulting, and Moreton Hayward.